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August 17, 2005
Slang of the Week: chunk the deuce (verb phrase)
make a peace sign (with the index and middle finger extended and the others folded)

After shoplifting a package of Twinkies, Stewart chunked the deuce at the store clerk on his way out.

Celebrity quote:
“Good life, good life hmm…
(Chunk the deuce out the Coupe is the fly way)
Good life, good life
(Electric gates, Texas plates in my driveway)
-E.S.G. from his song Good Life

This week’s slang is used primarily by Houston rappers, but it is catching on nationally as Houston’s screwed and chopped style gains popularity. Since this gesture is often made when leaving, to chunk the deuce can also mean to leave. In E.S.G.’s song, he makes the peace sign to people on the street as he passes by in his car.

Far less friendly, but better known is the expression flip the bird (also called give someone the finger.) This disrespectful sign is made with only the middle finger extended.

Not all gestures are international. The “thumbs up” sign, which shows encouragement in the US, is a hostile “up yours” sign in the Middle East.

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