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May 10, 2007

Slang of the Week: cougar (noun)
an older woman who is romantically interested in younger men

Timmy was a little nervous to ask his sociology professor for extra help, because she had a reputation as a real cougar and he was afraid she might misunderstand his request.

Celebrity quote:
“Once one of the 90’s biggest female draws at the box office, Demi [Moore] is now better known as the cougar who nabbed Ashton Kutcher. Former love of Bruce Willis, she lays low now in the Hollywood scene, preferring Kabbalah to the cocaine she used to be addicted to.”
-US Magazine

If you live in the States, you may have seen the T-Mobile advertisement featuring this word. That mobile phone company has a special offer called “myfaves” that allows customers to choose five favorite conversation partners from any network to whom calls are unlimited.

In the ad, two young women are at an elegant restaurant. One asks the other, “You know who’s in Dave’s five, right?” When the other woman, unconcerned, says that she neither knows nor cares who her boyfriend’s five favorite people are, her friend points out that “there’s an old cougar over there, chatting him up right now!” Looking up, the potentially endangered girlfriend responds that there is nothing to worry about; the cougar in question is actually her boyfriend’s mother.

As someone who spends most of my time around college students (who, in case you have not seen my picture on the website, are considerably my junior), I can’t say that I see the appeal of dating someone whose idea of a good time is to play video games all day and go clubbing all night, but to each her own. Should such an arrangement appeal to you, you might want to check out That site is devoted to arranging such December-May partnerships, and though I doubt that you’ll find a guy who looks like Ashton Kutcher, you never know.

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