The Great Big Map of American Slang 


Here's a new way to search Slang City! Check out The Great Big Map of American Slang for regional terms, city nicknames, place-specific words, pop culture references and curious geographical etymologies from the Slang City website. The map currently has over 80 locations and will continue to grow!

There are two ways to search:

1. Click on the listings on the left to see more details and the words' locations on the map. 2. Or click on the map's markers to see which word(s) are associated with that location.
How to move around:
Use the + button to zoom in and see multiple listings in major cities like Los Angeles, Boston, Houston and New York. Use the - button to zoom out and see entire countries. Click the arrow keys to move around on the map or click and drag to change your location.
Click here to enter the Great Big Map of American Slang!