Aretha Franklin
Who's Zoomin' Who?
Original Translation of Slang

You walked in on the sly
Scopin' for love
In the crowd, I caught your eye
You can't hide your stuff


on the sly secretly
Scopin' looking
I caught your eye you noticed me
hide your stuff hide what you are really like

You came to catch
You thought I'd be naive and tame
You met your match
I beat you at your own game

Who's zoomin' who, take another look, tell me baby
Who's zoomin who
Who's zoomin' who, now the fish jumped off the hook
Didn't I baby...Who's zoomin' who

Guess you believed the world
Played by your rules
Here stands an experienced girl
Nobody's fool

your match
your equal

Who's zoomin' who who is taking advantage of whom baby endearment

Don't speculate
you thought you had me covered, but
I've got your bait
You're bound to be my lover


You think you're smooth
That you can pick and choose
When the time is right...
But, just look behind, you'll be surprised to find
I'm gonna make you mine tonight...oh


I've got your bait I know how to attract you
You're bound to be my lover It's your destiny to be my lover

smooth sophisticated and skilled at seduction
pick and choose be selective

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