Dear AC,

What is a chode? My best friend told me that a chode is the part of skin between a mans balls and butt hole. My boyfriend says a chode is a penis. So “What is a chode?”


Dear Jennifer,

Actually, both of those are definitions for chode, but your boyfriend's is far more common. However, he left out an important detail. A chode (also choad) is a penis that is as wide or wider than it is long. Whether such a thing exists is a matter of debate, but we've never seen one here at the Slang City offices.

As for the second definition, I didn't find it in any formal slang reference books, but there are certainly a number of online examples of chode meaning the perineum (the area between the anus and sex organs, on both men and women).

But to confuse the issue, those aren't the only meanings. A third meaning is a piece of feces (also much less common than the first definition). Finally, since the 90s, chode has also been used to mean “fool,” like synonyms dipstick, putz and tool. All of these words originally meant penis as well.

Your pal,


A. C. Kemp

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